Essential Concepts

In establishing the intersectionality of psychology, technology, and government, there are important concepts that must be discussed.

Privacy is a necessary right

Privacy assures that the power of government is limited (the government can use data to affect one's reputation, decisions, and behavior; data can be used as a method of control over a population), people are largely in control of their own life and information, and freedom of thought, speech, and social and political activities (being constantly watched will most often stifle these freedoms).

The types of government in place and their actions have an impact on the psyche of its people

The laws and actions of government alter the way people behave, whether directly stated in law or implied through the context of a country's individual history in tandem with current law.

The way privacy and data protection was viewed in the past and the quick progression of technology impact today

History is cumulative and does not go away (even if revisionists try to say otherwise). The realities of the distant past can be seen in that of modern times.


Russian Background

Law Enforcement and Pentalties Regarding Data Protection and Privacy

  • Website blocking
  • Violators are Registered
  • Fines are given for each violation
  • Context

    Russia has a history of high amounts of censorship and intimidation (i.e. KGB, Russia's main security agency from 1954 to 1991).



    Example of PTG

    Russian government repeatedly blocking messengers and websites that don't comply with Data Localization -> General population's dual feelings of complacency and oppression. General feelings of anger go unresolved -> Russian government blocks another messenger, Telegram (encrypted local storage), that does not comply -> Feelings of anger highten, especially in users of Telegram, leading to protests and speeches -> Refusal to alter legislation by Russian government -> Feelings of anger go unchecked -> Potential riots -> Government suppression; Issue of psychology still ignored by government -> Resentment toward government

    More will be explained in eventual update. :')



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